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The Briefcase of Mineral Applications

The Briefcase project is a new educational tool that uses hands-on learning strategies to teach students about the important role of mineral raw materials in everyday life and how our choices concerning these materials can shape the world. Through innovative learning experiences, students engage directly with the raw materials they are learning about, improving retention of the content and challenging them to consider their place as European and global citizens. You are invited to join hundreds of people already using this engaging learning tool.

The Briefcase of Mineral Applications

Welcome to "The briefcase of mineral applications" game! The first creation of the Briefcase Project was a physical briefcase containing examples of minerals and corresponding products for which they are used. There are many ways to utilise the Briefcase to deepen knowledge, but the initial activity is a matching game in which students follow clues to identify how the minerals are used in common items. The Briefcase is designed for students between 6 and 14 years of age. In the Kids Briefcase (6-9 years), the player will discover what minerals are used to make different objects.

Carbon Cycles

Students are introduced to the concept of how matter cycles by learning about the carbon cycle. They learn how carbon atoms travel through the geological (ancient) carbon cycle and the biological/physical carbon cycle. They consider how human activities disturb the carbon cycle by emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They discuss how engineers and scientists are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Lastly, with the associated activities students draw connections between the past and present to consider how they can help the world through simple energy conservation measures.

Rain Garden School Activity Guide

Under an Ohio Environmental Education Fund grant, Clermont SWCD worked with Greenacres Foundation to develop a Rain Garden Lesson Guide tied to Ohio Academic Content Standards. With this guide, schools can turn their rain gardens into outdoor learning labs. The Lesson Guide provides six separate activities. Each activity has separate options for elementary (3-5), middle (6-8) and high school (9-12) students. Links to PDFs of the entire guide as well as the individual lessons are provided.


AGYous were created to foster connections and build excitement about Earth Science Week. Print out the template, color/decorate as you like and take pictures with your AGYou as you participate in the Earth Science Week activities! #AGYou was designed to be fun for all ages and creative abilities. Customize your AGYou with AGU's pages of accessories and tools that are often used by geoscientists. www.agu.org/Fall-Meeting-2020/Pages/Attend/Attendee-Resources/Digital-Assets

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